NIMS and Tianjin University (TU), Tianjin, China, conclude a contract effective for 5 years on a joint research center. Based on this contract, both institutes establish the "TU-NIMS Joint Research Center" in TU campus and start collaboration to develop advanced functional materials for energy and environment utilizing the latest materials science technologies

  In October 2010, NIMS and TU concluded MOU on the advanced photofunctional materials for solar energy conversion and environment remediation, and have been strengthening the collaboration since then. In the new contract, both institutes agreed to establish a joint research center, with facilities offered by TU and researchers from both parties, and to boost their collaboration, broadening the research fields, for the development of advanced functional materials relevant to energy and environment.

  This center is the first full-scale joint research center NIMS has ever established in an overseas institute and it would be a model for those to follow. It is also expected to work as an effective window for input and exchange of valuable information opened to China, a country growing extremely fast in recent years. (PS: An introduction of TNJRC on NIMS homepage: http://www.nims.go.jp/eng/collaboration/overseas-office.html)