The School of Materials Science and Engineering has a strong-competitive academic team, 118 existing full-time teachers, including 58 professors and 37 associated professors. There are 3 scholars of the National Thousand Talents Program, 1 scholar of the National Foreign Thousand Talents Program, 2 scholars of the National Thousand Young Talents Program, 1 chair professor of Yangtze River Scholars, 7 recipients of the National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars (Class A), 1 recipient of excellent young scientist fundation of NSFC, 1 recipient of National Teaching Masters Award, 6 scholars of the Tianjin Thousand Talents Program, 6 scholars of the Tianjin Thousand Young Talents Program, 15 recipients of Education Ministry's New Century Excellent Talents Supporting Plan, 31 recipient of Tianjin Teaching Masters Award, 32 Tianjin University Peiyang Scholars. There are 15 postdoctors in the station, and 12 full-time scientific research workers.

Our school pays attention to the crossing and cooperation of disciplines, focuses on the national great strategic demand, assists international exchanges and visits and enriches the teaching staff in the form of part-time faculties, enterprise mentors, foreign visiting professors, and so on. Academician Yao Jiannian , an Academician of the Royal Society , Science Institute in Edinburgh and German Academy of Natural Science, functioned as doctoral supervisors of the discipline. And our school hired 15 domestic and foreign well-known scholars and experts as external doctoral supervisors, including Academician Zhu Jing, hired 67 domestic and foreign well-known senior technical engineers from industries, such as aerospace and petroleum chemistry, to guide cooperatively postgraduates, and invited 12 foreign professors and famous scholars from America, Germany and Japan etc to set all-English curriculums regularly for postgraduates and guide the research of postgraduates. In recent about 4 years, there are 95 person-times abroad academic exchanges for in-service teachers.