Institute of Advanced Polymer Materials was founded in December 2014, being affiliated with the School of Materials Science and Engineering, Tianjin University. Its predecessor is the major of Polymer Materials Science and Engineering founded as early as 1958, which is among the first institutions of higher learning carrying out comprehensive polymer teaching and research in China.

  The Institute of Advanced Polymer Materials has 26 faculty members, including 15 professors, 8 associate professors, 3 lecturer, of which 4 winners of National Science Fund for Distinguished Youth Scholars, 2 winners of Chinese Academy of Sciences 100 people plan, 1 winner of the Ministry of Science and Technology in the Youth Innovation Leader, 6 winner of the Ministry of Education in the New Century Outstanding talent, and 1 winner of Thousands of People Plan in Tianjin. The institute not only focuses on the fundamental research of polymer science, but also develops critical techniques and applications for polymer materials. Currently, the research of the institute is focusing in the following four fields: 1) Controllable Synthesis of Polymer Materials, 2) Structure and Property Manipulation of Polymer Materials, 3) Photoelectric Function and Energy Polymer Materials, 4) Functional Organic Composite Materials, and 5) Biomedical Polymer Materials.

  The Institute of Advanced Polymer Materials encourages and promotes nationwide and international cooperation and exchange with universities and industries throughout the world. The institute has established the scientific research training and collaboration programs with many international universities and institutes, including University of California (Los Angeles), Duke University, University of North Carolina, the Free University of Berlin, Osaka University, Germany Planck Research Institute, Hong Kong University and so on.