Teaching and Analytical Instrumentation Center

Teaching and Analytical Instrumentation Center, School of Materials Science and Engineering, is formerly named Materials Science and Engineering Practical Teaching Center. In 2006, based on laboratory platform, following the principle of strengthening basic knowledge, practical ability, innovative thinking and engineering concepts of undergraduates, the experiment center was established by integrating experimental equipment and teaching contents of five original major laboratories: Metal Materials and Engineering, Inorganic Non-metallic Materials and Engineering, Polymer Materials and Engineering, Materials Chemistry and Materials Shaping Simulation and Emulation. Recently, continuing configuration of various large-scale testing instruments and serving for the research testing of institute and outside teachers and students, it was integrated as Teaching and Analytical Instrumentation Center in October 2015.

Currently, the center covers an area of 2020m2, equipment total value more than 20,000,000. There are 10 officially enrolled staff, including 1 professor, 1 senior engineer, 5 engineers, and 3 experimental technicians, with 4 doctor degrees and 4 master degrees.

The center takes a set of modules by functionality, including practice teaching center and large equipment testing center. Experimental teaching platform includes material preparation laboratory, material microstructure laboratory, material physical properties laboratory, material mechanical properties laboratory, and material shaping simulation and emulation, in addition to professional experiments platform, divided into metal materials laboratory, inorganic nonmetallic materials laboratory, polymers laboratory and materials processing laboratory, which are responsible for characteristic test of various materials. Large equipment testing platform configures over ten sets of large precision instrument such as ACTEM, HRTEM, FFSEM, NMR, XRD, and AFM, which meets the test requirements of teachers and students and provides powerful guarantee for research work.

The center values the construction of practice teaching, constantly converts the high-quality research to the experimental teaching of undergraduates, sets up high-level comprehensive, designing, creative experiment, enrich and improve the content and quality of experimental teaching for undergraduates. Besides, the center was awarded national experimental teaching demonstration center in 2012. The experimental teaching center pursues the scientification, modernizations, and normalization of experimental teaching and laboratory manage, further improve the operating mechanism of laboratory resource sharing, devices sharing, and complementary advantages, which improves the service efficiency of large instruments constantly. The experimental center has become the experimental teaching basis for cultivating qualified creative material talents.

The introduction of large instruments testing platform

The large instruments testing platform center configures over ten sets of large precision instrument such as ACTEM, HRTEM, FFSEM, NMR, XRD, and AFM, which provides testing service for inside and outside school and makes booking on the website “Tianjin University Large Instruments Management Platform”.

Instruments displaying


JEM-2100F Field Emission Transmission Electron Microscope


D8 Advance X-Ray Diffractometer


Hitachi S4800 Field Emission Scanning Electron Microscope


STA449F3 Simultaneous Thermal Analyzer


JEM-ARM200F Cs-Corrected Transmission Electron Microscope


AVANCE III HD 400MHz Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy


PIPS II 695 Gatan Precision Ion   Polishing System


Modular Scanning Probe Microscope (SPM)


WATERS1515 Gel permeation   chromatograph


SU-1510 Tungsten Filament Scanning Electron Microscope

The introduction of practice teaching center

Practice teaching center, School of Materials Science and Engineering, takes the advantage of wide range of material disciplines including metal, inorganic non-metal, and organic polymer, which faces knowledge compound and ability compound talent development, builds practice “Three Modules and Four Level” teaching system in a framework of the first-class subject of materials science and engineering, setsthe practice teaching contents of the large subject background and explores a practice teaching with search, project case, and project site to aim teaching contents, and forms practice teaching system to develop versatile talents. It was awarded the Second-level Award for National Teaching Achievements and supports the construction of four national quality courses including Mechanical Properties of Materials, Modern Research Methods of Materials, Arc Welding Power and Control, and Alloy Solid-state Phase Transformation. Prof. Zhao Naiqin, who made great contribution on the educational reform, was awarded as nationally outstanding teacher.

Recently, for engineering education reform, on one hand, practical teaching center held on fusing teaching resources, strengthened the cooperation with overseas colleges and universities on engineering education; on the other hand the center actively explored the teaching resources and space of enterprise practice. For ability cultivation, we properly digested and absorbed the foreign advanced teaching experience, in combination with early teaching achievement, and explored teaching method of “Project” for the cultivation of engineering ability, which was considered a positive for students and experts. These explored the feasible way for the cultivation of engineering innovative talents.

Practice Teaching Center, School of Materials Science and Engineering, Tianjin University, is located at the first floor of the 31st teaching building of Peiyang Yuan Campus of Tianjin University, which was built in 2016 with the beautiful environment. Laboratory conduct a modular setting according to the function, including the central office, First Material Preparation Laboratory, Material Organization and Microstructure Laboratory, Material Physical Performance Laboratory, Material Forming Simulation and Emulation; the center is equipped with another professional laboratory platform, divided by functionality to Metal Materials Laboratory, Inorganic Non-metallic Materials Laboratory, Polymer Materials Laboratory, Materials Processing Laboratory, and various features laboratories; large instrument is equipped, too.

The area of whole practice teaching center is 2020m2, and the area of single teaching laboratory is about 64-140m2, which provide spacious rooms. The laboratory is equipped with the student selecting course system and student booking experiment system, which benefits practice teaching management. In the meantime, basic platform laboratory has computer automatic control projection system, which is convenience for teachers to pay close attention to the progress of student experiment and lively discussion. 


The basic experiment platform of practice teaching center at School of Materials Science and Engineering, Tianjin University.