Advanced Ceramics Institute was founded in 2014, and its predecessor was inorganic non-metallic materials department founded in 1952, which was one of the earliest established inorganic non-metallic materials discipline in China. Inorganic non-metallic material belongs to first-class national key discipline "materials science and engineering". Advanced Ceramics Institute possesses the right of degree-conferring of Bachelor's Degree, Master's Degree and Doctoral Degree, as well as post-doctoral research station. Advanced Ceramics Institute has the Key Laboratory of Advanced Ceramics and Machining Technology by the Ministry of Education of China, which is one of the first batch domestic sector laboratories approved and founded by the former State Board of Education in 1993 and renamed from "Key Laboratory of High-temperature Structural Ceramics and Engineering Ceramics Machining Technology by the Ministry of Education of China" in 2002.

  Advanced Ceramics Institute features the close combination of advanced ceramic materials and machining technology, and forms four optimized subject directions, including nanomaterials, smart ceramics, advanced structural ceramics and advanced functional ceramics. Our research fields include advanced structural ceramic materials, high-performance ceramic materials, novel inorganic semiconductors and films, inorganic superfine powder, carbon nanotube fibers, ceramic matrix composites, novel super-hard and wear-resistant materials, and so on. We mainly focus on the in-depth exploration and development of the design, preparation, evaluation and application of advanced materials in order to meet the priority needs of the aerospace, energy, environment and electronic information fields.

  There are 16 faculty and staff members, including 9 professors, 10 doctoral supervisors (one of them enjoys Special Government Allowances), 5 associated professors, 1 winners of the National Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars of China, and 1 Academicians of "Thousands of People Plan (Tianjin)". All teachers have doctorate degree, and more than ten of them have studied abroad. There are 5 laboratory teaching staff, including two engineers and one technician. By organizing academic seminars, inviting famous scholars to give lectures, and cooperating with famous universities to form good academic atmosphere, improving the academic reputation, and expanding the laboratory influence, Advanced Ceramics Institute has gradually developed a team of well-trained faculty, which mainly consist of young teachers.

  Depending on good management system, advanced experiment equipments and strong academic atmosphere, Advanced Ceramics Institute hope to attract outstanding domestic and oversea researchers to join us with the "joint, open, flow, competition" principle. At the same time, Advanced Ceramics Institute will pay close attention to the frontier of material fields, and rely on our research advantages and interests to carry out internationally advanced materials researches.