The Materials Masters Forumof Tianjin University

The Materials Masters Forum hosted by the School of Materials Science and Technology of Tianjin University was held in the lecture hall of Area B of the Datong Activity Center of Beiyangyuan Campuson September 5th.Prof.Yang Wantai,Academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, winner of the National Outstanding Youth Fund, and Distinguished Professor of the Yangtze River Scholars of the Ministry of Education, have conducted research and progress reports on several major issues in the field of polymer chemistry for more than 400 teachers and students of the School of Materials Science and Engineering. Before the master's forum, Tianjin University President Zhong Denghua and Vice President Hu Wenping met with Academician Yang Wantai.

The material master forum was hosted by Hu Wenping. "To behold a high mountain or a great man with awe, bringing together the ideas of the master;Moulding morality and cultivating talents,Taste the life of science." President Hu introduced the purpose and significance of the opening ceremony of the Materials Masters Forum of Tianjin University, and briefly introduced the achievements of Academician Yang's scientific research: "SCI hasincluded more than 500 papers, andhis new self-stabilizing precipitation polymerization green technology provides a new way to solve the problem of 'global huge waste olefin utilization'.

In the master forum, Academician Yang recalled the forty years of polymer chemistry learning and research. He emphasized that research should always be problem-oriented. Transform practical problems into chemical problems and turn performance problems into structural problems.He also put forward three suggestions for young teachers and students present: "First, we must not be afraid of failure, fail more, and then become experienced; second, scientific research must have a pattern of vision, experimentation can not be polluted; "The third is to devote yourself to textbooks, professional books and literature, and to discover the real scientific problems with meditation and patience, and persevere." On the master's forum, Academician Yang gaveanswers on the spot to the questions raised by the students.

PresidentHu Wenping expressed his gratitude to Academician Yang for his wonderful report. He pointed out that scientific research needs to constantly find problems and solve problems over and over again. Researchers need to discover new knowledge and disseminate new knowledge. He hopes that the young teachers and students present can get inspiration from the report of Academician Yang, continue to explore, persevere, shoulder the new mission, and live up to the new era.

PresidentHu Wenping presented the commemorative trophy ofthe Materials Masters Forum of Tianjin University to Academician Yang Wantai on behalf of the school.