Materials Science Field of Tianjin University Enter One in a Thousand of ESI All Around World

Materials Science Field of Tianjin University Enter One in a Thousand of ESI All Around World


On June 21, 2017, according to updated data of ESI, there are 3902 papers of MATERIALS SCIENCE in Tianjin University collected by ESI database for past ten years. This field ranked 31st in research institutes in the world, adding up 38,127 times cited and ranking 71st in the world. And there are 783 colleges and research institutes which are simultaneous entering in the top 1% of ESI MATERIALS SCIENCE. It reflects that MATERIALS SCIENCE field becomes the second subject field entering in one in a thousand, after ENGNEERING.


What is ESI? An evaluation tool of research performance widely adopted in the world.

ESI the abbreviation of Essential Science Indicators. It is an index to measure the influence of colleges, academic institutes, and country and region international academic level in the contemporary world. Subjects entering on in a thousand of ESI represent international best top subject research level.

ESI is an analytic database built on more than 10 million bibliographic records of more than 10 thousand types of academic journals collected by SCI and SSCI. According to subordinate journals, it is classified respectively into 22 subjects’ field. And it sorts the total number of citations from papers published in past ten years. Entering in the top 1% of ESI statistic colleges and research institutes means entering into ESI.


There are 22 periodical classification, including Agricultural Science, Biology and Biochemistry, Chemistry, Clinical medicine, Computer science, Economics and business studies, Engineering, Environment/Ecology, Geological Sciences, Immunology, Materials Science, Mathematics, Microbiology, Molecular Biology and Genetics, Comprehensive Interdisciplinary, Neuroscience and Behavioral Science, Pharmacology and Toxicology, Physics, Botany and Zoology, Psychology, Social Science and Space Science/Psychiatry.

In ESI database, every journal can only be divided into one subject. Only Science, Nature, and PNAS which are classified as Multidisciplinary field, according to reference and citation of each paper, classify each paper separately again, but every paper still is classified into one subject.

Achieving such impressive outcome on the road of building a world first-class university, Tianjin University not only relies high-end research equipment and libraries, but the persistent efforts and enterprising spirit of myriad students and teachers of Tianjin University