The material sub-forum of the tenth doctoral academic forum has been successfully held

The material sub-forum of the tenth doctoral academic forum has been successfully held

On October 28th, 2017, the material sub-forum of the tenth doctoral academic forum of Tianjin University was held in Room 2106, School of Materials Science and Engineering, Peiyang Park Campus, Tianjin University. This forum is organized by the Graduate School of Tianjin University and undertaken by the School of Materials Science and Engineering of Tianjin University, with the theme of "adhering to the classic and creating the future", and invited more than 20 doctoral tutors and 180 Ph.D students from the materials discipline of our university to participate. Prof. Wang Yuxin, Prof. Zhang Junhong, supervisor group of School Graduate School, and Prof. Wang Dongpo, vice president of postgraduate teaching of School of Materials Science and Engineering were invited to attend this forum.


At the opening ceremony of the forum, Prof. Wang Dongpo, the associate dean of postgraduate teaching at the School of Materials Science and Engineering, addressed the forum. He pointed out: “Under the new historical opportunity, our institute is actively exploring the reform of the system and mechanism of scientific research and teaching, exploring innovative thinking of the personnel training mode, perfecting the personnel training system and making unremitting efforts to build our material discipline into a world-class discipline. ”

This forum invited Hao Jingzu, the doctoral student from Hebei University of Technology, to give a speech entitled "Surface Modification of Biomaterials Based on Electrochemistry". Mr. Wang Yong, the doctoral student from Dalian University of Technology, gave a presentation titled "Study on Photocatalytic Hydrothermal Oxidation of Semiconductor and Molecular Catalyst Hybrid System". With their presentations, they showed their research results and also discuss their research methods and learning experiences with Ph.D students.

In the afternoon, the forum entered the venue exchange stage. There are not only two sub-forums for welding and material forming and processing, but also the "Alloy and Metal Matrix Composite Materials", "Energy and Environmental Materials and Applications", "Advanced Polymer Materials and Applications" and "Advanced Ceramic Materials and Applications" sub-venue one each. At all sub-venues, the professors, doctoral students and speakers attending the symposium conducted cross-disciplinary, all-round and deep-level exchanges and debates. The content of the exchange not only covered the progress of scientific research, but also involved scientific research methods and ideas.

This forum has greatly enhanced student interaction and promotion of cross-disciplinary cooperation among doctoral students, which effectively promoted the development of materials science and engineering disciplines in Tianjin University. This forum has received praise from teachers and students.