[Material Master Forum] Xue Qikun: Quantum Anomalous Hall Effect

On December 2nd, a forum for material masters organized by the Material Science and Engineering College of Tianjin University was held in Qiushi Hall, Peiyang Park Campus. Prof. Xue Qikun, academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and vice chancellor of Tsinghua University, explained the discovery of the materials from Quantum Materials to Quantum Anomalous Hall Effect for more than 1,000 teachers and students of the Material College.

Before the Master Forum, Mr. Li Jiajun, secretary of the Party Committee of Tianjin University, and Prof. Yuan Yingjin, the vice chancellor respectively met with Prof. Xue Qikun.


"Inspire the creative thinking of teachers and students through master's speech, and guide the academic ambition of young students with master's model." Mr. Liu Xiuguo, secretary of the party committee of Material College, delivered an opening speech and introduced the purpose and significance of opening the forum of materials masters at Tianjin University as well as Prof. Xue Qikun's major achievements in scientific research.

In the Master Forum, Prof. Xue Qikun introduced the Hall effect, the quantum Hall effect, the development of the quantum anomalous Hall effect field, and the quantum anomalous Hall effect achieved by his group in the magnetically doped time-invariant topological insulator thin film experiment, which is the first physical effect discovered by Chinese and written into textbooks.


"If each of us can enjoy happiness in the pursuit of the ultimate, everyone can treat his work in the pursuit of the ultimate attitude, our country will certainly become more powerful." Combined with his own seven-year domestic study and eight-year study abroad, Prof. Xue Qikun encourages young students to strive for excellence and pursue the ultimate goal in all aspects and seize the historic opportunity of entering the new era of socialist modernization so as to bravely assume the mission and the important task entrusted by the times.


Mr. Hu Wenbin, dean of the School of Materials, presented the Memorial Trophy for the Master of Materials of Tianjin University to Prof. Xue Qikun. At this point, the second Material Master Forum of Tianjin University successfully concluded.